Love hackathons? Love fame and fortune? Want to meet some new developers in the area? The T-Mobile and Seattle Interactive Hackathon is for you.

The challenge of the event is to build an IOT home or auto hack with vin.li, particle.io, Webtask.io and Apptentive products. Want to make a crazy robot toaster that spits out Hello Kitty branded toast? What about a Tinder-based taxi game to make your drive more...interesting? Best of all, you can string together an app without a server. Just use webtask.io. And, of course, any idea is welcome and fair game!

Finalists’ ideas will be showcased on stage at Seattle Interactive Conference for a panel of high profile, celebrity judges AND you could win a boatload of cash plus the opportunity to have lunch with T-Mobile CIO, Cody Sanford.

Additionally, T-Mobile’s recruiting department has agreed that if anyone from the Hackathon applies for a TMO open position using a promo code they will provide, they will be guaranteed an interview with T-mobile’s head of technical recruiting.

The prizes for this developer event are designed to be experiential and help you build your career and network:

First place

  • $7,000
  • T-MOBILE devices
  • Lunch with Cody Sanford (T-Mobile CIO)
  • Opportunity to pitch your idea to the senior leadership team at T-Mobile

Second place

  • $2,000
  • T-MOBILE devices

Third place 

  • $1000
  • T-MOBILE devices


Judges & Criteria

We have also lined up the following mentors and judges to help you with creating the best possible app:

Judging criteria will be determined on the following points:
  • Simplicity and conciseness of the wording
  • Number of computer science principles
  • Multi-platform integration & separation


Schedule / Timeline

In order to help you get the most out of the event, we have split up the hack into multiple parts and provided a detailed overview schedule of the event:

  • 10AM - Doors Open
  • 11AM Saturday - Phase 1 - Submit your written proposals and youtube pitch
  • 12PM Saturday - Phase 2 - Submit a youtube video of your working prototype
  • 1PM Saturday - Phase 3 - Winners to be chosen by judges based on youtube videos
  • 1PM Saturday - Lunch is served!
  • 7PM Saturday - Dinner is served!
  • 10AM Sunday - Breakfast is served!
  • 1PM Sunday - Lunch is served!
  • 4PM Sunday - Presentations
  • 6PM Sunday - FInalists announced!
  • October 18th - Finalists present at SIC
  • October 18th - Winners announced! 

Sign up at bit.ly/sichack




What happened at the Hack?

From 48 hours of hacking, 50 gallons of coffee, 120+ creative thinkers, 21 hard-working teams came an awesome lineup of inspired ideas. Teams combined T-Mobile SIMs, particle.io boards and APIs from apptentive.com, kandy.io and webtask.io to create a number of unique and innovative hacks that a number of the judges said that they wish were on the market today. While there were seasoned developers in attendance vying for the $10k+ in prizes, there were also number of grade school, high school and university students who participated as well. Some even brought their own microprocessors such as Intel, Arduino, Tessel and Raspberry Pi boards.

The challenge of this developer event was focused on creating devices that could be used in either a home setting or an automotive setting. To frame up this task, we had Sharon Read from Seattle Tiny Home and Gene Ehrbar from HP discuss various points about efficient home design to processors used in production wearable devices with the hope of helping the attendees see the larger picture of technology need within the ecosystem.

The “Internet of Things” can be a tricky space to navigate especially with so many hardware and software development options/preferences, but the teams at the hackathon did a great job and innovated a number of hacks that are applicable to today’s society. One of the attendees/teams (Team Elias) decided to go solo in this event and we gave him special recognition because of his age (12!) and because he wrote and presented by himself. Gotta do everything we can to support #stem #amiright

Big thanks goes out to T-Mobile, Webtask.io, Kandy.io and Particle.io for providing an insane amount of free hardware! Also to the mentors who brought their own gear to help with soldering, wiring and spare parts!